How Many Scandals Does a President Get?

It is fairly impossible to imagine the rolling wave of scandals we’ve suffered under President Obama! When we take a look back through the past six years, it is one after the next, with each subsequent scandal drowning out the noise and worry over the last! Starting with the New Black Panthers’ pass under U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, to the Fast & Furious drug running scandal, the shoving through of ObamaCare, Benghazi, and the IRS Scandal, the list goes on.

His foreign policy has been a total bust and his domestic policies have kept a robust economic recovery at bay. The middle class is paying ever more for health care and the increasing tax burdens and heavy regulation under the Obama Administration are the very reasons this economic recovery has been so lackluster and the reason why the workforce participation rate, at 62.7%, is the lowest since 1978!

We need a better answer for our country … and I am quite sure that Hillary is not it!


Harry has finally gone mad …

Harry Reid actually believes that all of the ObamaCare horror stories are made up. This is absurd on its face and a tremendous insult to Americans who have suffered real losses at the hands of Obama’s disastrous “Affordable” Care Act. With an approval rating of 22 percent for ObamaCare, Democrats might want to start listening more to their constituents than to the dilapadated, senile, senior senator from Nevada.

And, he sounded completely drunk when giving his speech decrying these true stories as pure lies.



I refuse to negotiate!

Well, if that isn’t a great quality in our Commander-in-Chief! No one ever said being president would be easy, yet Obama seems to think he has gotten the short stick for having to deal with those radical Republicans … and especially the Tea Party coalition, who for all of their terror, just want this government to stop spending money it doesn’t have! Never before in our history, has the President of the United States acted like such a petulant child!